My optometrist says I have 20/20 vision. Is there such a thing for hearing?

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Although hearing and vision are obviously measured differently, the two senses have things in common. For example, most people over age 40 experience a change in near-range vision known as presbyopia. Because of this age-related condition, many people have “perfect” vision for distance, but need eyeglasses for reading and close work. Likewise, presbycusis is the age-related condition that causes many people to have “normal” hearing for low pitches with hearing loss for higher pitches. “Normal hearing” is actually a range of sensitivity to sound rather than a single number. The term “normal hearing for your age” is misleading, since that gives the impression that you don’t have to do anything about your hearing loss, when, in fact, you could benefit from hearing aids. Better hearing adds to the enjoyment of life at any age. The best way to know your hearing status is to have a complete evaluation by an Audiologist. We would be happy to test your hearing and explain your individual results.

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