I am sensitive to certain sounds, so how would I ever adjust to hearing aids?

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Hearing aids are not one size fits all. They are very specifically programmed based on your hearing levels. Our goal is to make speech sounds clearer, not necessarily louder.

Once your hearing aids are optimized to your individual needs, the Audiologist can use the programming software to set the sound lower until your brain acclimates to the new sound and you can move up to the next level of amplification. Some hearing aids can make this adjustment automatically at scheduled intervals or your Audiologist can make the change manually at your progress check visits.

If you have had a gradual change in hearing over time, your brain might
initially be shocked by sound, just like your eyes are shocked when you come out of a dark movie theater on a bright sunny day. It takes time to adjust. Trust that your brain will adjust, allowing you to hear better when you can tolerate the optimal settings for your hearing.

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