I don’t clean my hearing aids every day. Is that ok?

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Would your dentist tell you that you don’t need to brush your teeth every day? Of course not! Daily care of your teeth keeps them clean and healthy. The same thing is true for your hearing aids. Even if you don’t see it, skin oils, dry skin, wax and dust get onto your hearing aids every day.

When you clean the instruments regularly, you can avoid the build up of debris that can eventually block sound from coming out of the hearing aids and into your ears. Many “dead” hearing aids actually end up being just dirty ones. Every day, wipe your hearing aids with a dry cloth or tissue, brush the openings with a small cleaning brush and replace the wax guards and domes on a regular basis.

Do you have questions about how to clean your devices? Schedule a professional hearing aid check and our audiologists will review home care with you.

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