I am going on a cruise. What should I pack to take care of my hearing aids?

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You are wise to plan ahead, so you can focus on your vacation, instead of worrying about your hearing aids. Here are some suggestions for preparation:

  • Schedule a hearing aid cleaning appointment prior to your departure. We can ensure your aids are working properly.
  • Take a hard case or zippered soft pouch to store your hearing instruments when swimming or bathing.
  • Pack plenty of batteries.
  • Bring a drying unit, such as a Dri Aid jar, to store your hearing instruments overnight. The jar will help you keep track of your hearing aids, while removing any perspiration or humidity from the inside of the aids.
  • Take your cleaning tool, spare domes and wax guards, for routine maintenance, to keep your aids working their best.

If you need any of the items described above, stop by our office. And have a great trip!

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