Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids

Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are regulated by the FDA and offer a one-size-fits-most solution to mild hearing loss. They are created as an introduction to hearing technology and wearing an OTC device may help consumers with early signs of hearing loss better understand their needs.

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Phonak Hearing Products

When Sonova Holding AG gained control of Phonak Hearing Products, it became a big deal for the hearing industry. In a matter of weeks, Phonak gained access to a nearly unlimited number of resources for their future products. Sonova Holding AG owns a sizable portion of the hearing aid market, and their technology decisions hold a lot of weight.

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ReSound Hearing Products

More than 100 countries enjoy the high-end hearing devices from ReSound Hearing Products. The company was founded by Stanford University alumni Dr. Rodney Perkins. As ReSound fine-tunes its latest lineup, consumers are granted the option of a formidable upgrade.

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Oticon Hearing Products

Oticon Hearing Products has been a success since 1904. In 2016, the company launched its new line of products into the modern age. As the second-largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world, they took a huge technological step that few companies would risk.