How can I be sure I will hear well while in the hospital?

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A hospital stay can be stressful enough without the added communication challenge of a hearing loss. Here are some tips to make the situation easier.


If you have a set of spare hearing aids that are functional, wear those to the hospital and leave your better hearing aids at home.

Bring a storage case that is marked with your name and telephone number, to store the hearing aids when they are not in use. If you are a patient at our practice, the blue pouch you received with your hearing aids is perfect for safe storage.

Take extra batteries or your charger, a cleaning tool, domes and wax guards.

Pack a notepad and pen.


Notify the healthcare staff that you have a hearing loss and that you must wear your hearing aids when speaking with nurses, doctors and other staff members.


Provide the hospital staff with printed suggestions for communication strategies that you have found to be effective.


  • Get my attention before speaking with me.
  • Face me when you are speaking. Lip reading helps me understand you.
  • Turn off the television and reduce other background noise if possible.
  • Rephrase instead of just repeating if I don’t understand you.
  • Write notes of critical information, especially medical terms and medication details.

We hope your surgery is successful and your hospital visit goes smoothly.