How can I protect my hearing?

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Noise-induced hearing loss is a gradual, painless process that can be avoided. Whether the noise is “work” or “play” noise, a loud enough level plus a long enough duration can result in permanent hearing loss. Noise is potentially dangerous if: you must shout over the noise to hear someone at arm’s length, the noise makes your ears ring, or your ears feels “plugged” after exposure to the noise.

How to protect your hearing:

  1. Walk away from the loud noise.
  2. Turn down the volume on the stereo, iPod/MP3 player, especially when listening through earbuds or headphones. Use of noise-canceling headphones or “isolator” earphones will allow longer use times, since a lower volume is a safer one.
  3. Wear hearing protection when exposed to loud noise. What is the best type of hearing protection? The type that is used! If you suspect hearing loss from noise, call us for a baseline hearing evaluation.

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