How long should my hearing aid batteries last?

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The expected life for hearing aid batteries depends on several factors, including the battery size, style of hearing device, settings programmed into the hearing aid (which depends on your hearing needs) and number of hours of use. Battery life could range from 3-20 days. Ask your audiologist for an estimate of the battery life for your particular instrument.

Here are some tips to get the longest life from your batteries:

  1. When changing your battery, remove the sticker from the back of the battery and allow the battery to “breathe” for at least 1-2 minutes prior to inserting it into your hearing aid.
  2. Always leave the battery door open on your hearing aids when you are not using the aids (such as at bedtime).
  3. Store batteries in a dry place at room temperature. Do NOT store batteries in the refrigerator.
  4. When carrying spare batteries, do not allow them to touch other metal objects, such as keys or coins. If you would like a complimentary carry case that holds a pair of extra batteries, stop by our office.

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