My bridge partner obviously has trouble hearing, but she won’t do anything about it! How can I help her?

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Sometimes, the person with a hearing loss is “the last one to know.”

Family members, friends and co-workers notice problems before the individual with the hearing loss does. This might be because hearing loss develops so gradually. Hearing loss often affects only some sounds, so while speech is loud enough, it might not be clear enough. Because hearing loss causes no pain, many people procrastinate about doing anything about it. Or they think nothing can be done.

What can you do for your friend?

  1. Suggest a hearing evaluation by an audiologist.
  2. Support and encourage her. Joking about hearing loss or criticizing the individual for misunderstanding just causes embarrassment and frustration.
  3. Seek more information about hearing. A good place to start is the Better Hearing Institute. Please also share our web site:

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