Why do I need regular hearing aid check-ups?

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To get the best results from your hearing aids, you should use them every day. But daily use exposes those tiny electronic devices to perspiration, earwax, dust, rain, sunscreen, hairspray, and any other grooming product you use on your head!

Even if you clean your hearing aids every day, which you should do, debris might not be noticed, so it can build up inside the instruments. If there is a mechanical problem that worsens over time, you might not even notice it. That is why we recommend you come to visit us every six to twelve months for a professional cleaning and check of your devices.

We will clean them thoroughly, measure their function on our test equipment, check your ears for wax and answer any questions you might have about your hearing. We can also review daily cleaning techniques to improve your success in keeping your hearing aids in good working order.

If you have not had your hearing aids checked in the past 12 months, please call us to schedule an appointment.

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