When is it time to get new hearing aids?

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With good care and routine maintenance, most hearing aids last about five years. However, your decision to get new devices will depend on more than its age. Here are some things to consider:

Has your hearing changed? Your current hearing aids might not be giving you the best results, if your hearing has gotten worse. If you suspect a change in your hearing, a hearing evaluation will determine if your current instruments need to be reprogrammed, or if new devices are needed.

Have your listening needs changed? If you have a new job, or if you’ve retired, your listening situations might be different than when you were fit with your current hearing aids. A new hobby, sport or club membership might also change your listening circumstances. If you are finding yourself in more challenging listening environments, you might consider more sophisticated hearing aid technology.

Has your vision or dexterity changed? If you are having difficulty replacing batteries, you might consider newer, rechargeable hearing instruments. Instead of replacing batteries, you can place the aids in a charging unit at bedtime.

Have your priorities about hearing changed?  Typically, people getting their first set of hearing aids are most concerned about cosmetics. We have noticed, though, that when it’s time for the second set of devices, the most important thing to most people is better hearing. A different style or upgraded technology might appeal to you, if it will provide you with better results.

If you have questions about the newest technology and accessories for better hearing, please contact us for an appointment. We will be happy to discuss your options.

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