What should I do with my old hearing aids?

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If you are getting new hearing aids to take advantage of new technology, keep your old hearing aids for back-up.  Some hearing aid centers may entice you with an offer to trade in your hearing aids when you order new ones, but the value of a back-up set is priceless, such as when your hearing aid dies over the weekend or while you are on vacation.  Another benefit of having a spare set of devices is so you can work out or work (quietly) in the garden, lust as you would have work-out clothes or “play” clothes. 

Although new technology allows you to stream music from your phone, people do not often work out with their hearing aids on, due to moisture issues from perspiration or inclement weather.  If your old hearing aids stream music, you can exercise while using the old aids and put them in a drying unit after your work out.  That way, you do not expose your new hearing aids to excess moisture.  For more information on hearing aid drying units contact us at 413-525-7979 or [email protected]