Why do I hear better in some situations than in others?

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There are many factors that will influence your ability to understand speech and enjoy music and environmental sounds. Some of those factors are related to you, such as how you are feeling physically: are you tired, hungry or upset? If you are not feeling 100% your best, it will be harder for you to focus on speech.

Other factors are related to the listening situation. Distance from the source of the sound (such as the person who is speaking), reverberation (echo) in the room and background noise will all affect how well you hear and understand speech. That is why it is important to use communication strategies to improve your understanding in any listening situation that is less than ideal.

You can ask your family and friends to be aware of the listening environment and tell them what they can do to help you hear better. Of course, consistent use of your hearing aids will help you in all listening situations.

If you need some advice on better hearing, we would be happy to give you some tips. Contact us for an appointment.

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