I’m thinking about resigning from my favorite club because I can’t hear at the meetings. What should I do?

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It is very important to stay connected and engaged with people who share your interests. Rather than resign, take steps to improve your experience at the meetings. Here are some ideas:

If you are having problems hearing, perhaps you have a hearing loss. Schedule a hearing evaluation to find out.

If you already have hearing aids, be sure to wear them all day, but particularly to the club meetings.

If you have been wearing your hearing aids to the meetings, ask your audiologist if the hearing aid settings can be adjusted to improve your understanding.

If your current hearing aids cannot improve the situation, consider instruments with updated technology.

Sit toward the front of the room, so you can better hear and see the speaker.

If a microphone is available in the meeting room, ask the club officers to use it during the meetings.

Many people say to groups, “I don’t need a microphone. You can hear me, right?” Speak up and let the leaders know that you need them to use the microphone so you can participate fully in the meeting. If an individual asks a question or makes a comment, ask the person with the microphone to repeat what the other person said. Use of a microphone will help everyone in the room hear better.