My wife says I have Selective Hearing. Is there anything I can do about that?

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While Selective Hearing is not a hearing disorder, many partners and family members “diagnose” it every day! This refers to a lack of attention to all or part of what has been said. The brain filters out part of what the ears have heard. But, what if you have a hearing loss? If you can’t hear, you can’t listen! Even a mild hearing loss for high pitches will filter out the parts of speech most critical for understanding clearly.

Listening is an active process that requires effort and focus. If your hearing isn’t perfect, you need all of your energy to focus on what is being said, since part of the message has been filtered by the hearing loss. If you are tired, hungry or stressed, you do not have 100% of your energy, so it is easier to “tune out”.

What can you do?

  1. Have a hearing evaluation by an audiologist, to rule out or confirm hearing loss.
  2. Ask your wife to call your name or touch your arm before she begins to speak. This will give you a chance to “tune in”.
  3. Remember that Better Hearing = Better Communication = Better Relationships.

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